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Who we are

Aptus Finance India Private Limited (Aptus Finance), an NBFC registered with the Reserve Bank of India is focused on creating new economic opportunities for deserving small business entrepreneurs by giving loans for their business purposes. With this focus, Aptus believes that the lives of these entrepreneurs can be enriched and communities can be transformed. The objective is to make finance available at a reasonable cost and deliver the funds required in a transparent manner. Aptus Finance, run by professionals with rich experience in the financial services industry, aims to make credit available easily to these people and make a positive impact on the lives of millions of people engaged in small businesses which actually build the nation

Our Products

Business/Mortgage       Loans

These are loans provided to individuals for business enhancement purposes.

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Insurance services

By tying up with Insurance companies, Aptus offers both property insurance and credit shield insurance which covers the customers from any unforeseen happenings like flood, earthquake, death, etc.

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    Why APTUS?

    • Wide range of products
    • Quick TAT for approvals / disbursements
    • 5-25 lakhs loan
    • Good branch network in Tier II, Tier III cities
    • Loan origination to disbursements done by Aptus staff, no Agent/ DSA.
    • Transparent process
    • Good customer service
    • SMS and Voice call updates about the status of the loan
    • Longer tenure loan: 10 years for Business loan /15 years for Home loans

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    Branch network

    Our network is spread across 6 States and 262 Branches in India

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